NEXIQ, Snap-on Inc create force in vehicle diagnostics

After NEXIQ Technologies became a part of Snap-on Inc, NEXIQ has emerged with greater resources for engineering and product development, a focused product development plan, and the ability to serve small and large customers with equal levels of quality and responsiveness.

In December 2002, Snap-on acquired the assets to the vehicle scanner and eTechnician operations of NEXIQ, then based in Sterling Heights MI. The assets included those associated with NEXIQ's line of heavy-duty truck, diesel and off-road vehicle diagnostics, and telematics products and services.

NEXIQ has launched the Wireless Vehicle Link diagnostic communication interface device, a heavy-duty wireless tool that provides remote data stream transfer between a vehicle and a diagnostic PC platform.

Its customers soon will benefit from wireless products with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and a new generation of scan tools, besides the company's range of diagnostic and telematics equipment.

NEXIQ also represents an opportunity to extend Snap-on's philosophy of “information with instrumentation” to the truck and heavy-duty transportation sectors, with the new Wireless Vehicle Link interface device a prime example.

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