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Nextel, @Road Team Up

@Road has signed an agreement with Nextel Communications Inc to provide Nextel customers access to mobile resource management services supported by the @Road LocationSmart network.

Under the agreement, @Road will provide connectivity solutions designed to link a Nextel Internet-ready "plus" phone to the @Road LocationSmart network. Using its LocationSmart technology platform, the @Road network combines wireless, positioning, and XML technologies with the Internet to deliver location-specific services to businesses needing mobile resource management instantly via the Nextel handset.

The agreement specifies that @Road, in partnership with Cellport Systems Inc, initially will provide a tethered solution that uses a cable link to connect the Nextel "plus" phone to the @Road iLM installed in the vehicle, enabling Nextel online customers to access the LocationSmart network. The second tethered application will enable Nextel customers to dock their "plus" phones into a Cellport Systems universal hands-free interface for connectivity to the iLM and LocationSmart network.

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