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NHTSA recalls 3,500 Western Star trucks

NHTSA has recalled 3,500 Western Star trucks manufactured between December 1998 and February 2000 and equipped with Caterpillar 3406E and C-15 engines. The truck model numbers are 4800, 4900, 5800, 5900 and 6900.

NHTSA said there is interference between the positive battery cable and the electronic control module to the engine on certain trucks. Chafing can wear through the battery cable insulation, allowing contact between the battery cable and the stud. This contact could cause a short circuit, which may result in a fire.

Officials from Western Star Trucks' parent company, Freightliner LLC, said dealers will inspect the vehicles, and the battery cables will be replaced or re-routed as necessary. Owner notification will begin this month.

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