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NS Series Suspensions Come in Two Models

Holland Neway International's NS Series trailer slider/air suspension system comes in two models. The NS-400 is engineered for standard, 40,000-pound dry freight and refrigerated van applications; the NS-450 model is designed for 45,000-lb heavier-duty van applications. Features of the slider include:

  • Produced from 80,000-lb-yield steel, the slider has strategically placed reinforcements to prevent buckling and racking.

  • Full-height G-shape crossmembers prevent slider racking, and crossmember spacing simplifies service access.

  • Lightweight roll-formed upper rails.

  • Qwik-Release system allows one person to reposition the slider and retract wedge slider pins with 20% less pull effort. An air pin puller is available as an option.

Highlights of the suspension include:

  • New, stronger, lighter-weight trailing arm design.

  • Three-bushing suspension design has a high fore/aft spring rate to control axle movement and reduce vibration.

  • Patented two-pin axle adapter reduces torsional axle stresses and improves trailer tracking.

  • Welded axle connection accepts most commercially available 5" round axles.

  • EZ-Align non-weld axle alignment technology does not require any welding or special tools. Alignment takes minutes.

  • Optional External Dock Locking (EDL) system automatically eliminates dock walk and dock squat.

For full details, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

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