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One-piece hub-and-nut cover installs easily

Alcoa Forged Specialty Wheels introduces a new single-piece hub-and-nut cover. The new accessory fits Alcoa one-piece hot forged aluminum eight-bolt 19.5×6 DRW wheels for Ford F-450-550s.

These one-piece hot forged aluminum wheels are available with machine finish (P/N 763800), polish outside (P/N 763801), polish inside (P/N 763802), or polish on both sides (P/N 763803).

This new single-unit design eliminates the frustration of a missing nut cover marring the looks of a fully dressed vehicle. The one-piece cover is simpler to install and easier to clean. It will replace current stainless steel covers.

For more details, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

TAGS: Components
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