Options Elevate Reach Truck Productivity

Two new options are available on new models of Crown Equipment Corp's 5000 Series reach trucks. Designated the 5200 Series, the new model trucks offer “Rack Height Select” and “Tilt Position Assist” options.

The Rack Height Select feature allows users to preset up to 15 rack heights to assist in locating forks at elevated positions. Once rack heights have been programmed, the operator chooses the “rack select” mode and depresses a switch on the multi-task handle to select the desired rack level. The message display shows the height in millimeters or inches, along with a label number for the selected height.

After checking for a clear lifting path, the operator raises or lowers the multi-task handle until the forks stop at the pre-selected height. A one-second beep indicates that the height has been reached. The operator then checks that the forks are at the proper position to enter the pallet or rack.

Tilt Position Assist allows the fork tilt to be set in a pre-programmed position. When this option is installed and programmed, the operator holds a switch on the multi-task handle while tilting. The tilt will automatically go to the preset position.

This option will be most useful when programmed for setting unloaded forks to a level condition when mast and fork deflection is not an issue. This will allow for maximum fork clearance when entering pallets, and will be useful in high-lift and double-deep applications. For more information, contact Crown, New Bremen OH 45869.

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