Paccar engines for medium-duty Peterbilts

Peterbilt has announced a new exclusive power option for its medium-duty Model 330, Model 335, and Model 340: the Paccar 6.7-liter PX-6 and 8.3-liter PX-8 engines. Both engines will be available beginning in 2007.

The PX-6 will be offered in horsepower ratings from 200 to 325 and torque ranging from 520 to 750 foot-pounds. It will be the standard engine for the Class 6 Model 330 and will also be provided for the Class 7 Model 335.

The PX-8 will come in horsepower ratings from 240 to 330 and torque ranging from 660 to 1,000 ft-lb. It will be the standard engine for the Model 335 and Model 340.

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