Pack converts conventional coolant to ELC

ChevronTexaco Products Co is offering the FleetFix Conversion Pack, which can convert conventional coolant used in heavy-duty vehicles and stationary equipment to an extended life coolant (ELC) without having to drain, flush, and refill the cooling system.

Once a cooling system is converted to ELC using the FleetFix, the coolant can have a service life of up to 600,000 miles/six years, or 12,000 hours (with extender addition at 300,000 miles/three years or 6,000 hours), and the customer should begin to see improved performance and reduced cooling system maintenance costs. In order to obtain the stated service life and performance benefits, products like Delo Extended Life or Texaco Extended Life Coolant Prediluted 50/50 must be used for top-up.

A single FleetFix Conversion Pack comes with enough fluid to convert five Class 8 trucks, or an equivalent amount of stationary machinery, with cooling systems between nine and 12 gallons. A component of the FleetFix Conversion Pack is FleetFix Conversion Concentrate, a concentrated version of the patented inhibitors found in ChevronTexaco ELC.

The FleetFix Conversion kit includes:

  • Five one-gallon containers of FleetFix Conversion Concentrate

  • 12 FleetFix Conversion test strips

  • 10 FleetFix Conversion Radiator ID stickers

  • Five mail-in post conversion coolant tests

  • Complete set of conversion instructions

  • Freeze point charts
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