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Pallet Pro Folds Away, Totes Sizable Loads

Interlift's new ILP Pallet Pro is a large, durable, level-riding, folding liftgate that easily and safely handles 2,200 and 3,300-lb load capacities. The ILP Pallet Pro delivers these features and benefits:

  • A large, level-riding 48" × 80" wedge-design folding platform that handles palletized or carted freight. It can also be installed on truck bed heights as low as 38".

  • A double torsion system that offers a light, easy-folding platform. The wide lift arm also provides added stability and accepts a fixed hitch.

  • A built-in safety system consisting of dual-cylinder stability, truck cab shut-off switch and hydraulic cylinder locks. The locks provide more lift stability and better user control.

  • A thermo-protected power pack that decreases maintenance costs while increasing the life span of the lift's components. It is fully enclosed in an accessible steel box.

For full details, contact Interlift, 8433 S Chetle Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

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