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PC*MILER marks its 20th anniversary

ALK Technologies Inc announced the anniversary release of PC*MILER 20, the 20th annual upgrade of its routing, mileage, and mapping software system. PC*MILER 20 offers new capabilities and updated data for all streets and highways in North America, including Canada and Mexico.

The latest version includes 15,000 more miles than the previous version for 771,000 total miles of truck-specific roadway and 350,000 miles of truck restrictions. These include 80,000-lb weight; 13-foot, 6-inch height; 102-inch width; and 48- and 53-ft trailer length restrictions.

Enhancements to PC*MILER 20 include the ability to track types of roads traveled and summarize distances traveled on road types. A new feature enables users to reconcile latitude/longitude sightings generated by a mobile communications or onboard computing system with corresponding points from the PC*MILER database to generate actual driven routes for pinpoint accuracy in billing and settlement.

For more details, e-mail Mary Kelly at [email protected].

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