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PeopleNet enhances Berry & Smith efficiency

Berry & Smith Trucking Ltd, a Canadian over-the-road and intermodal carrier, has converted to PeopleNet's onboard computing and mobile communications system.

Using PeopleNet's PACOS Automated Messaging and Exception Management tool with Maddocks Truckmate, Dorothy Vankoughnett, Berry & Smith controller and IT manager, is automating pick-up and delivery times even further. While the system is still in the design stage, she says, “We are looking at enhancements to make it more seamless.”

Here's how it works: Berry & Smith has placed a geofence around shipper and receiver locations. When one of the two units configured for PACOS arrives at a shipper destination, the information automatically appears on a screen, sending out an automatic message to the driver asking whether he has picked up the load. All the driver has to do is respond yes. Before PeopleNet, the driver had to call in and report the change in status. Now using PACOS, the status updates will make it easier for drivers to keep their status current.

The system automatically records when the load was picked up at the shipper, and again once the driver arrives at the consignee, an alert is sent asking for confirmation.

The online fuel tax reporting program is another benefit. Because PeopleNet constantly tracks the location of each of the company's units, it can send provincial and state line crossings directly to the company's fuel tax auditor, eliminating the need for a position in-house while boosting accuracy.
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