For pick-up and delivery, these tires fill the bill

Goodyear has two new all-position tire lines that meet the demands of the Class 3-5 pick-up-and-delivery market. The G647 RSA/RSS and G614 RST tires provide high mileage, consistent tread wear, durability, and long casing life.

G647 RSA/RSS tires have an M+S rating (mud and snow) and provide superior wet traction through circumferential grooves and lateral blading. These tires also have an optimized tread radius to maximize tread life and reduce tread scrubbing. Both the RSS and RSA offer a special tire design and footprint shape that helps minimize shoulder wear conditions caused by tighter and more frequent turning in regional use.

Special compounds found in the G647 RSA/RSS extend tire life even longer by combating ozone exposure.

For more extreme P&D applications, the G647 RSS has an exclusive tread compound to handle high scrub applications. The G647 RSA comes in nine tire and load range combinations (for 16" to 19.5" wheels); the G647 RSS has five size and load combinations.

Goodyear's G614 RST tire was designed to handle the demands of trailer applications. With a stiff, solid shoulder and shallow tread, it works well when trailers are loaded to a higher capacity. It has a load range G rating that allows up to 3,750 pounds in a single application. This tire offers steel belt construction and rounded shoulder ribs.

For complete details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

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