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POCL implements cross-dock operation

P&O Cold Logistics, a long-time user of Delfour Corp's WarehouseLogic warehouse management system (WMS), has implemented a powerful cross-dock procedure at its Dallas TX facility for a major national retail chain with Delfour's SmartFreight transportation management system (TMS) as the software platform. The project started in April 2004 and went live in late May.

A companion product that integrates seamlessly with the SmartEnterprise logistics management suite, SmartFreight controls and tracks the flow and distribution of goods on the road, in the yard, on the dock, and in the warehouse.

At the Dallas facility, SmartFreight uses the retailer's purchase order to manage the receipt of the retailer's cross-dock orders for goods from vendors and other distribution centers, and to merge arriving product with merchandise stored on-site. Incoming shipments are designated as generic cross-dock product without specific item codes, but with lot numbers that contain the purchase order number.

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