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For Pollywog, hydrogen means savings

Pollywog Transport of Palmetto FL will install Hy-Drive hydrogen generating systems on 36 refrigerated trucks within its fleet, effective immediately.

The carrier has conducted over-the-road test programs the past several months using PeopleNet's on-board web-based performance monitoring system that let Pollywog monitor vehicles equipped with the Hy-Drive technology.

Steve Teeple, president and founder of Pollywog, equipped six of his Freightliners, powered by the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine with 430- to 470-horsepower ratings, with the hydrogen generating system. The system introduces small amounts of hydrogen gas, on-demand, into the combustion chamber of a regular diesel engine. Hydrogen acts as an ignition catalyst, delivering an enriched air-fuel mixture that leads to a more complete and faster burn of the diesel fuel.

In side-by-side operations, Pollywog units have achieved up to a minimum of 0.81-mpg improvement. The average has gone from 5.35 mpg to 6.7 mpg, which translates into $300 per week per unit.

These pre-2007 engines are meeting the more stringent emissions guidelines published by the Environmental Protection Agency. “It took us less than three months to see the results,” says Teeple. “Our engines are running cooler and cleaner. We have seen a reduction of 74.5% in hydrocarbons and an 80% reduction in particulate matter.”

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