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Port AMPs up container ships, spares the air

The largest “AMP-outfitted” China Shipping container ship to date steamed into the Port of Los Angeles recently, switching off its diesel exhaust-emitting engines and plugging in to clean electric power at the port’s Alternative Maritime Power source at Berth 100.

A 5,600-TEU (20-foot equivalent unit), Xin Fu Ahou is the fifth China Shipping vessel to call on the port and tap into the AMP electrical power source instead of burning fuel. This technology prevents one ton of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from entering the environment each day the ship is docked.

Since July, AMP’d China Shipping vessels have made more than 20 ship calls using AMP power at the berth, preventing the discharge of more than 100 tons of emissions into the Los Angeles Basin. The Port of Los Angeles is currently the only port in the world using AMP for container ships.

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