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Portable access control system for containers

Kaba Mas has introduced the Gitcon G-2 portable (mount) access control system for trailers and shipping containers. This new electronic seal and access control system offers a high level of security and accountability and is designed to attach to existing door hardware assemblies.

Mounted to the existing door hardware of a trailer or container, the system uses RFID technology to deny or grant authorized access based on any number of user-defined variables. Once the lock is operated, the G-2 system records and stores the date and time of the event in both the lock and transponder to provide an audit trail of all activity.

The Gitcon G-2 fits into a carrier's loss prevention procedures because it is easily installed and operated, and can be programmed to function in one of three access control levels:

  • Seal number only (Electronic Seal) — captures events by time for audit.

  • RFID transponder only (Sealable Lock) — captures events by time and individual for audit.

  • Seal number and/or RFID transponder (Lockable Electronic Seal) — Option to operate as either of the above.

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