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Portable axle scales a lower-cost alternative

Massload Technologies has designed portable axle scales that are easy to install and can be used in aboveground or pit applications. These axle pads offer an inexpensive alternative of two strips of steel rather than a full platform scale. The weighing surface is constructed with heavy-duty structural steel and can stand up to heavy and repeated use.

Scales are equipped with the ML1100 double-ended shear beam loadcell. This loadcell is environmentally sealed and virtually indestructible, ensuring years of troublefree weighing. The portable scales are low-profile at 6" and made of durable no-slip checker plate decking with a choice of finish. Accurate and dependable weighing is assured in temperatures from -40° to +57° C.

The option of adding on and off ramps to the platform is provided, making it easier to mount the scale. The standard size of the axle scales ranges from 30" × 30" × 6" to 144" × 30" × 6", and their capacities are 30,000 or 40,000 pounds. Many options are available, and Massload will custom-design to fit one's needs.

For full information, contact Massload, 301-47th St East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 5H2.

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