Products from J J Keller help user to comply with safety performance history requirements

J J Keller & Associates Inc has introduced a number of products to help firms comply with the Department of Transportation's new safety performance history requirement.

According to the new rule, as of Oct 30, 2004, all employers of drivers must maintain detailed information about drivers' safety performance history, while the drivers are employed and for three years after they leave; provide a driver's new or potential employer with detailed information about that driver's safety performance within 30 days, upon request; investigate new applicants' accident and drug and alcohol testing history; and notify driver-applicants of their right to review and correct previous employer information.

Keller has new products and services, and revised many existing products to help companies update their driver recordkeeping system to comply with the new rule. Offerings includes paper-based forms and driver files, software programs and online tools, driver qualification file management service and other services, compliance guides and how-to manuals, and newsletters.

A white paper helps to explain roles, obligations, and responsibilities under the new rule, as well as how the regulation will affect companies. This reference (MA-738-PP) is free with any purchase of safety performance history products at

For more information, visit the web site listed above, phone toll-free 800-327-6868, or e-mail [email protected]. Please mention Action Code 02008 when requesting information by phone.

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