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Program explains drug/alcohol testing

A Driver's Guide to Drug & Alcohol Testing, a new program from J J Keller & Associates Inc, provides drivers with information about drug and alcohol testing and helps companies satisfy educational requirements of 49 CFR Section 382.601.

The program has a 20-minute video that communicates to drivers what they will experience before, during, and after a required alcohol or drug test. It addresses how alcohol and drug prohibitions apply to safety-sensitive functions; who is required to undergo testing; under what circumstances a retest is required; and how the service provider, technicians, doctors, and collection-site personnel are required to perform their duties.

A discussion guide walks trainers through a suggested training session and provides questions for discussion, hypothetical testing scenarios, a summary of the prohibitions, and a review quiz. To document training, a training log is included.

Drivers will receive a handbook and ready-reference card (10 of each provided). The handbook answers questions about alcohol and drug testing; it also explains how to prepare/what to expect for each test procedure and includes definitions of test-related terms. The ready-reference card reviews procedures to expect when reporting for alcohol and drug testing.

This program is available for $139 by phoning 800-327-6868.

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