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Program lets users project RearSentry savings

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is offering a RearSentry return-on-investment analysis program to help fleet managers control rising costs. Designed for those considering installation of a rear obstacle sensing system on their fleets, the program allows for input of current vehicle accident and usage data, comparing annual projected costs versus savings both with and without a RearSentry system.

Operated through the company's main office in Laurinburg NC, the free program is simple. Users place a toll-free call, answer several questions about their fleets' usage and accident rates, then receive a detailed Cost Justification Worksheet. This worksheet indicates annual total and per-vehicle savings, total and per-vehicle system costs, and expected return-on-investment time period.

The RearSentry rear obstacle sensing system uses a microwave signal to detect obstacles up to 12 feet behind a vehicle, alerting the driver through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity, and from an in-cab LED display that changes from green to yellow to red as objects draw closer.

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