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PTH Series pallet trucks can tote up to 5,000 pounds

Manufactured by Crown Equipment Corp, the PTH 50 Series hand pallet truck features an increased load capacity of 5,000 pounds. These trucks also have a lowered fork height of 2.9".

The PTH 50 Series offers an entry/exit system using metal ramps to position pallet boards onto the rollers. This prevents rollers from breaking and providing smooth entry and exit.

Tubing for the handle is larger than most hand pallet trucks and allows the operator a more comfortable grip. The handle's upper corners have a more rounded shape to ensure the operator's hands are not squeezed when traveling longer distances. An extra sheath of steel beefs up the lower end of the handle, and the actuating lever provides more comfort for the operator.

The truck's frame remains strengthened thanks to boxed end forks, rolled steel edges, weldments between forks, and strength ridges on the apron. Larger push rods and improved bushings and bearings also are provided. Changes to the pump's internal workings simplify pumping up a load.

For more details, contact Crown, New Bremen OH 45869.

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