Rand McNally-TDM revamps route management software

Rand McNally-TDM Inc has enhanced its MileMaker and IntelliRoute software and IntelliRoute.com that enable greater customer productivity.

MileMaker software includes updated ZIP code tables, and IntelliRoute has an updated Designated Network for calculating routes. Additionally, the itinerary will list violations for each road segment by user-selected truck type. Users can now import mileage and fuel calculations using industry standard HHG miles to any Excel spreadsheet cell, allowing consistent representation of information in reports and programs, and quick updates of the information.

Products now can receive updated data via the Internet. This will enable Rand McNally-TDM users to have access to data updates more frequently. For those customers who integrate MileMaker or IntelliRoute functionality into other applications, the “indicators by route segment” functionality is now provided via the API. These enhancements are available to existing Rand McNally-TDM customers, based on the terms of their standard software agreement.

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