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Raymond Corp marks 85 innovative years

In 2007, the Raymond Corp is celebrating its 85th anniversary as a leader in the materials handling industry. From the company's invention of the first hydraulic hand pallet truck in 1934 to current research in fuel cells and RFID-enabled lift trucks, Raymond has pioneered innovations.

George Raymond Sr purchased Lyon Iron Works, a small foundry in Greene NY, in 1922. Since then, the company has invented and patented technologies that have become industry standards, such as the hydraulic hand pallet truck, the double-faced pallet, the narrow-aisle lift truck, and the Reach-Fork truck. Raymond also has advanced several lift truck innovations, including electronic controls, ergonomic designs, and AC-powered traction and lift.

Today, Raymond is researching ways to improve materials handling performance through new and emerging technologies such as the Vantage-Point operator assist system, fuel cell-powered lift trucks, and RFID-enabled lift trucks.

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