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REALDiSPATCH automates fleet management

Canada Cartage Diversified Income Fund is rolling out Headwater's REALDiSPATCH mobile in-field fleet management system to the Ontario distribution center operations of one of its largest retail customers.

This customer dispatches approximately 45 trucks to its Ontario stores daily. When the rollout is completed, the customer will be able to exercise real-time control over deliveries.

REALDiSPATCH automates in-field management of trip plans, stop assignments, load metrics, delivery progress, GPS tracking, Engine Control Module readings, hours-of-service logging, and driver timesheet data. This enables dispatchers to modify driver schedules, rearrange stops, and measure driver and equipment performance literally in real time. Detailed reports are available on demand or as trips are completed.

Completely portable, REALDiSPATCH resides on wireless data communications devices such as RIM's BlackBerry and can be deployed on any major digital network such as IDEN, 1X, and GPRS.

Canada Cartage expects to continue to roll out to its fleet of more than 1,400 power units at a rate of 200 per quarter.

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