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RearSentry can accommodate Class 7-8

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is offering its RearSentry rear obstacle sensing system for Class 7 and 8 trucks.

The RearSentry system uses a microwave signal to detect obstacles up to 12 feet behind a vehicle. The driver is alerted to potential danger through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity and from an in-cab LED display that changes from green to yellow to red as objects draw closer.

Unlike other rear obstacle sensing devices that can be affected by weather or lighting conditions, the RearSentry continues to “see” obstacles in rain, sleet, snow, and darkness.

The system is compatible with conventional or cabover trucks and can be used with pup trailers and ones up to 53' long.

Designed for heavy-duty, low-maintenance operation, the units are manufactured with heavy-duty die-cast metal plugs for multiple quick connects and disconnects. All RearSentry systems come with a standard three-year, unlimited mileage warranty policy. Leasing programs are also available.

For full information, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

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