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Recorder Monitors Temperature in-Transit

Monitor Co has released its new line of in-transit temperature recorders. The recorder is available in five-, 10-, 20-, or 40-day models. It operates in fresh or frozen conditions, producing a 36"-long continuous strip chart record of temperature. All units are NIST-traceable-suitable for HACCP applications.

This serialized recorder uses a quartz-controlled motor for timekeeping and a bimetal coil for temperature-sensing. Operating instructions are provided in English and Spanish. Recorder, chart, and documentation share the same serial number for positive identification. Each unit is factory-sealed using a bar-coded polyester tamper-evident seal. If any attempt is made to remove the seal, the word "Void" will appear on the seal and case. Monitor Co also provides a post-trip verification service free of charge.

For more information, contact Monitor Co, PO Box 4958, Modesto CA 95352.

Circle #105 on Reader Service Card

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