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RedPrairie helps grocers tackle challenges

RedPrairie Corp has announced its newly expanded suite of supply chain technology system for the grocery industry. The integrated suite includes warehouse, transportation, and advanced labor management; slotting; visibility; performance measurement; and RFID.

The firm provides optimized slotting capabilities by compressing pickers' travel paths and situating high-volume items in ergonomically ideal positions. Voice-enabled picking capabilities afford grocers accurate hands-free, eyes-free picking.

RedPrairie's dock door scheduling application helps grocers better handle transportation and yard processes with synchronized loading schedules and trailer movements at the dock. Integrated appointment scheduling allows grocers to manage changing carrier schedules and shipping volumes, and best schedule their labor workforce. For outbound shipping, a load building module directs trailer loading to take advantage of space utilization within the truck and achieve proper load balancing and pallet sequencing.

Best-of-breed inventory control includes capabilities for multi-level holds, catch weight control, shelf life/expiration dates, quarantine, and product traceability for recall purposes. RedPrairie also provides environmental control of inventory processes across multiple buildings for frozen, refrigerated, and dry product lines.

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