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Reefer data management becomes easier

Carrier Transicold’s new ReeferManager software not only handles recordkeeping for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance, but also serves as a powerful service tool for the hauler.

Used with the Standard and Advance microprocessor controllers made for Carrier’s X-Series single-temperature trailer units and Supra diesel truck units, ReeferManager combines Carrier’s earlier DataManager and ServiceManager programs into a single, sophisticated application.

Compatible with Windows-based computers, ReeferManager provides access to vital data for tracking and evaluating system performance. Information from a reefer’s Advance Controller can be copied to a DataShare PC card and then uploaded to a computer used by the fleet manager or owner-operator. Information can also be transferred via serial port. ReeferManager’s report function produces customized graphs and tabular data reports showing system performance over time, providing assurance that the reefer is operating in accordance with specifications. Data files can also be exported and read using any spreadsheet program.

For the service manager, ReeferManager monitors a customized set of sensors and logs data for diagnostic purposes. The application is also used for programming the eight Advance hour meters for tracking start cycles, clutch engages, high-speed hours, engine hours, and switch-on hours.

ReeferManager can create 30 different environmental profiles that can be loaded into each Advance controller in the fleet. Called the IntelliSet control, it allows drivers to specify refrigeration parameters by matching trailer contents to a name on the Advance controller display—for example, “Lettuce” or “Seafood.” ReeferManager offers a single screen with intuitive layout.

For more information, visit or phone 800-357-7288.

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