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Literature Details Hubodometer Hubcaps Dual Dynamics has released new literature that describes the Dual-Guard hubodometer hubcaps that measure mileage on each wheel to help determine when service is due. Available as screw-on or bolt-on versions and as oil or grease models, these hubodometer hub caps feature one-piece aluminum construction guaranteed against breaking. A patented venting system allows for two-way air movement while protecting the wheel end from outside contaminants. Designed to relieve wheel-end pressure and vacuum buildup, the hubcaps also protect against water-filled loading docks and high-pressure sprayers. A patented cover protects the vent from becoming contaminated with grease from inside the wheel end.

For more information, contact Dual Dynamics, Box 80436, Lincoln NE 68501.

Catalog Covers Entire Crown Lift Truck Line A new product catalog is available from Crown Equipment Corp. The eight-page catalog provides information on electric lift trucks sold and manufactured by the company in the United States. Organized by product grouping, this catalog provides easy referencing. A brief description of each product group is supplied along with icons identifying different models and available capacities.

The catalog shows Crown's design award-winning products, ranging from the RR 5000 and 5000S Series to the company's WP 2000 Series walkie pallet truck and SC 4000 Series three-wheel counterbalanced truck.

For more information, contact Crown Equipment, New Bremen OH 45869.

Cummins Revs Up C8.3G Horsepower Rating Cummins Inc has unveiled a new 280-hp rating for the C8.3G natural gas engine. The C8.3-280G has a peak torque of 850 ft-lb at 1400 rpm and a governed speed of 2400 rpm for purpose-built vehicles such as refuse trucks. This engine is efficient because of its spark ignition system with coil-on-plug technology and multiple spark discharge. Multiple spark discharge means smoother idling and acceleration, as well as increased spark plug life. The ignition system, together with closed-loop electronic engine management controls, delivers superior performance and reliability. Like all Cummins engines, the C8.3G engine is supported by QuickServe, which provides service for customers in North America. For more information, contact Cummins, Box 3005, Columbus IN 47202-3005.

Goodyear Adds Second Wingfoot Radial Tire Goodyear is unveiling the second tire in its Wingfoot line for medium commercial trucks. The new Wingfoot DTR is a drive-traction radial designed to complement the all-position Wingfoot APR introduced in 1999. With its open-shoulder lug, the DTR provides superior traction for all road conditions. It has a 22/32" nonskid tread with a computer-optimized pattern. Shoulder tiebars stabilize the tread contact areas, reducing risk of uneven wear and maximizing tread life. Its steel casing and belt package enhance durability and retreadability.

Offered as a successor to the G124, the DTR initially is available in 295/75R22.5. Other sizes - 11R22.5, 11R24.5, and 285/75R24.5 - are planned. For more details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

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