Refrigerated Warehouse Association Issues 2000 Directory Edition

The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) has published and released the 2000 edition of the International Directory of Refrigerated Warehouses and Distribution Centers. The 2000 edition has nearly 300 pages of descriptions of more than 1,100 IARW member refrigerated warehouses operating more than 2.5 billion cubic feet of refrigerated storage space in nearly 50 nations.

Listings appear geographically by country and city and include data on warehouse capacity, temperature range, key personnel, truck and rail docks, railroads serving the warehouse, financial references, and specialized services. This directory contains a "Yellow Pages Buyers' Guide" of 223 IARW associate members that supply services and equipment to the refrigerated warehouse and food distribution industry.

The directory is available from IARW, 7315 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1200N, Bethesda MD 20814-3202; phone 301-652-5674; fax 301-652-7269; e-mail: [email protected] The first copy is free to firms in the perishable food business using public refrigerated warehouse space; additional copies are US $18. All others are charged US $150 per copy.

Literature Details FreedomLine Transmission ZF Meritor LLC offers a product profile for the FreedomLine transmission, an automated mechanical transmission that does not use a clutch pedal. This transmission is available in 12- or 16-speed models, and direct and overdrive configurations. The profile provides a product summary and a specification chart for the transmissions. Features and benefits include integrated electronics; twin countershaft with full helical gearing; no clutch pedal or linkage; aluminum case; and SureShift driver interface, which eases operation and reduces training.

A copy of the product profile can be obtained by requesting item number TP-2007 from Meritor Automotive Literature Distribution, 35000 Industrial Rd, Livonia MI 48150.

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Kit Helps Drivers Pass Roadside Inspections J J Keller & Associates Inc introduces its new Roadside Inspections Training Kit, designed to help drivers pass roadside inspections and avoid fines. The kit's 15-minute videotape, filmed on location at a weigh station, shows how attention to details, preparedness, and attitude can affect the outcome of the inspection. It explains what inspectors look for when checking the vehicle and driver, which documents drivers should have ready, what the results mean, and how to correct cited violations.

The video also includes commentary on inspections from safety and compliance professionals, veteran drivers, and the executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

This kit includes an instructor's bulletin, an awareness poster; 10 on-scene guides, and 10 CSVA tractor-trailer inspection cards. The kit is available for $129 by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 01016 when ordering.

Digital Scale CombinedWith Pallet Wrapper Air Technical Industries has developed a Low Profile Stretch Wrapper (Model #LPEZ) equipped with an electronic digital readout scale. The new machine will wrap a load uniformly and securely with adjustable layers of overlap, depending on need, weight, and load sensitivity. When wrapping is completed, the unit automatically reads out the gross load before shipping.

The LPEZ unit has a low-profile design (21'2" height off the floor or 6" on scale-mounted models) for loading and unloading with a Pallet truck. Deck size is 68" in diameter with 4,000-lb capacity. Speed of rotation is electromechanically operated, and a microprocessor is controlled for sequence of operation. The vertical wrapping capability is up to 72" high, and can be adjusted by positioning a limit switch to the desired height. Vertical travel and speed of the film cartridge is variable, and it also can be adjusted for various film overlap requirements.

For full details, contact Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

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Holland Group Provides NoLube Option The Holland Group Inc offers NoLube low-maintenance technology as an option for all Holland and Holland Binkley landing gear. While NoLube technology doesn't completely eliminate the need for preventive maintenance, it does provide a completely sealed system for maximum lubrication that requires no additional grease and eliminates infiltration of water and outside contaminants into the gearbox.

The NoLube option includes a grease tube that surrounds the elevating screw, so when legs are raised or lowered, the screw receives a new coating of grease. Shaft seals are added to the crankshaft and driveshaft bushings to prevent outside contamination. The gearbox and upper leg cavities are filled with grease; gearbox and leg assemblies have no grease fittings.

For complete information, contact Holland, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.

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Magline Provides Series 2000 Hand Trucks Magline Inc has introduced its new line of aluminum hand trucks. The Series 2000 lightweight aluminum hand trucks have longer stair glides to enhance travel down flights of stairs. These trucks offer an improved balance relationship, requiring less effort by the driver to stabilize and control a loaded hand truck. Accessories include: personalized side stripes; wheel guards; sliding keg hooks; bottled-water trays; and various frames, wheels, and nose plates.

For full information, contact Magline, 503 S Mercer St, Pinconning MI 48650-9310.

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Antifreeze Has No Silicates, Borate Compounds Nissan Diesel America Inc has introduced antifreeze that uses no silicates or borate compounds. The new antifreeze/engine coolant product will be offered exclusively through NDA's 135 UD Trucks dealers in the United States. This silicate- and borate-free product adds to the life of water pump seals, cylinder heads, engine blocks, and radiators. The antifreeze is approved for use in all Nissan Diesel engines, regardless of model or year of manufacture. It will be the only antifreeze/coolant accepted on all UD Trucks warranty or service policy repairs. For more information, contact PO Box 152034, Irving TX 75015-2034. Circle #108 on Reader Service Card

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