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Reineke Co to distribute Tire-SafeGuard

Reineke Co has become the exclusive distributor to the heavy-duty truck market for the new Tire-SafeGuard tire monitoring system.

Tire-SafeGuard automatically monitors tractor vehicle tires and provides a timely warning of abnormal tire pressure and temperature. It automatically monitors all tractor tires while the vehicle is moving, and displays current pressure and temperature readings. Tire-SafeGuard immediately alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure and high temperature, both visually and by sound. Accurate pressure readings can be easily seen on the system display, eliminating the need for the driver to check tires with a pressure gauge.

This device reduces air-loss-related tire failures, uneven tire wear, and severe tire damage. It boosts tire life, improves fuel economy, and enhances vehicle braking and handling.

Tire-SafeGuard's sensor mounts to a tire's rim and monitors up to 10 tires plus a spare in real-time. Up to 145-psi tire pressure can be monitored with +/-1 psi of accuracy, and for a higher pressure of up to 199 psi, an accuracy of +/- 3 psi is achieved. An LCD monitor mounts in the cab to indicate pressure and temperature for each tire. The monitor's pressure and temperature warning threshold may be adjusted. Because Tire-SafeGuard is wired into a vehicle's battery, it continues monitoring tires even while the vehicle is parked.

Contact Reineke, 1025 Faultless Dr, Ashland OH 44805-1294 for more information.

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