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Replacement panel minimizes door repairs

Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp's Universal GX-4000 replacement panel solves the problem of sectional door damage, while helping minimize maintenance costs and door repairs at the loading dock. Made from an extruded vinyl material, this panel can be retrofitted to most existing sectional doors. The GX-4000 has an interlocking modular design that permits configuring different sectional door panel heights.

Available in lengths up to 12'-2", the GX-4000 incorporates an integral support system that allows the panel to withstand common bumps and fork truck impacts at the loading dock.

If the Universal GX-4000 Panel is impacted by a fork truck, it will not take a “set” like conventional panels. While the Universal Panel may show evidence it was impacted, it will not affect the operation of the door.

If a GX-4000 panel that was severely impacted needs replacing, the modular design allows for single-slat replacement. To remove the impacted slat, remove one or two of the end caps, slide out the impacted slat and insert a new one, reattach the end cap, and the door is back in operation.

The GX-4000 can be used for bottom, intermediate, or top section panel replacement. For intermediate panel replacement, the GX-4000 can be ordered with optional 24" × 8" windows or a full-width translucent slat. For more information, contact Rite-Hite, 8900 N Arbon Dr, Milwaukee WI 53223.

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