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RFID SensorTags monitor temps, humidity

Savi Technology is offering two sensor tags that reduce spoilage and damage by monitoring temperature and humidity of commercial and military shipments, including food, medical supplies, aircraft engines, ammunition, and other perishables.

Besides RFID components that automatically locate goods in the supply chain, the SensorTag ST-673 and ST-674 contain sensors that monitor temperature and humidity changes of container contents or other supply chain assets. Users can set acceptable temperature and humidity ranges tailored to goods being monitored.

These tags periodically record environmental status data to an event log in the SensorTag’s memory. If the collected data rises or falls outside the acceptable condition range, the SensorTag sends a real-time alarm to a fixed or mobile RF reader, and notification of the temperature or humidity change is escalated via a web application, cell phone, or e-mail.

Environmental event logs can be uploaded to handheld readers or to fixed readers at stationary sites such as yards and warehouses in the supply chain.

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