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RFID system makes the grade with Sysco

3PL Solutions and Alien Technology have announced early deployment of a breakthrough RFID and sensor-enabled system for cold chain management after successful field testing with Sysco Corp.

The 3PL Solutions Distribution Access exception (DAX) system was developed and tested to address the need for verification and documentation of product quality, shipment integrity, and security for food products in transit. The integrated system includes 3PL developed applications software built on Alien's Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID technology, multi-point sensors, as well as options for IrDA communications, GPS, and integrated RFID data capture. The DAX pilot program field testing was conducted by Alien, 3PL, and Sysco in the Sysco Frozen Foods and Produce supply chains and addressed dedicated, LTL, and intermodal shipments.

The RFID and sensor-enabled system provides cost-effective "Chain of Evidence" documentation for food shipments, addressing anticipated regulatory requirements for better documentation of quality and safety control in food shipments, as well as improving methods to avoid waste and spoilage.

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