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RFID tag can handle harsh environments

Savi Technology has released a new low-profile version of its flagship active RFID tag for commercial and military container shipments in particularly harsh supply chain operating environments.

Called the Savi Tag ST-656, the ISO container door tag comes in a new U-shape form factor that clamps tightly onto the left door of the container. This protects RFID electronics on the inside of the container while a low-profile plate on the outside contains an antenna that communicates with fixed or mobile reader networks. The flat external plate also contains a beeper for audio alerts of the tag's location and status.

Other benefits of the ST-656 include:

  • The battery and RFID components, which include on-board processor, memory, and radio transmit and receive capability. These RFID components are protected on the inside of the container, enabling users to recover critical manifest data even if the outside is damaged.

  • The mounting procedure further secures the tag on the container.

  • New RFID antennae technology embedded in a rugged, low-profile flat plate on the outside of the container. The external component also contains a beeper for audio alerts.

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