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Ridewell provides captured axle suspension

Ridewell Suspensions has developed a new captured axle suspension system. The Model RAR-247 has a capacity rating of 25,000 lbs and is a low-mount, heavy-duty underslung trailer suspension. The system is suitable for drum or disk brakes. Key applications for the RAR-247 include lowboy, oilfield float, and logging trailers.

Features of this system include:

  • Low stress axle connection — the trailing beam attaches to ½"-thick axle sleeve; window welds attach axle sleeve to the axle, eliminating weld termination stresses; beam structure is centered in-line between pivot and axle.

  • Proven reliable pivot connection — much like Ridewell's Monopivot 240 series, the 247 includes ±1/8" alignment at each hanger; solid, monopivot bushing, clamped into the beam for easy servicing; and Securelok pivot nut.

  • Integrated mounting for shock absorber and height control system on hanger and beam.

  • Drum and disc brake compatibility.

  • Mounting heights of 6.5" to 9".

E-mail Kristin Persson at [email protected] for more information.

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