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Rig generates interest in Total Truck System

TruckGen's new Freightliner Class 7 rig is on the road showcasing the TruckGen Total Truck System. With its 140" sleeper and 53-foot trailer, this vehicle is a hands-on classroom that lets visitors see TruckGen's ultra-compact gen-sets in operation.

A 3.5-kilowatt unit runs appliances in the FL 70 tractor's sleeper, while the equipment in the trailer, including an underbunk air-conditioner, is powered by a 5.5-kw gen-set with alternator. A simulated sleeper occupies the nose section of the trailer, complete with wood cabinets, refrigerator, microwave oven, and lighting. The gen-set is set up for air-conditioning, heating, and battery charging functions.

In the trailer's midsection, outfitted with leather seating and a 100" video screen, visitors can watch a video on the Total Truck System. Afterward, questions are answered by the company's driver and spokesperson, Clarence “Popcorn” Saulnier.

The rear of the trailer holds one of TruckGen's mobile trade show displays — a rotating Kenworth sleeper mounted on a chassis. Company personnel mounted two static gen-sets to exhibit different installations, as well as two types of A/C unit setups.

For more information, contact TruckGen, 1732 St Johns Bluff Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246.

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