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Satamatics integrates with Carrier

Satamatics Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Satamatics Global, has entered into an agreement with the Carrier Transicold Division of Carrier Corp. Satamatics provides tracking and monitoring capabilities to the logistics and shipping industries globally using the Inmarsat D+ satellite-based packet data network. Carrier Transicold supplies truck, trailer, container, and rail refrigeration systems to the logistics and shipping industries.

The Satatmatics refrigerated tracking system provides information on a refrigerated trailer’s status, location, temperature set point, fuel levels, battery, and history using a financially secure, advanced satellite network: Inmarsat. This system also can remotely start the refrigerated system. Cold chain logistic companies use this information to provide reliable, protected services to shippers of perishable commodities. The arrangement with Carrier allows Satamatics to use its global satellite-based tracking and monitoring technology to extract and transmit data remotely to end-users from truck, trailer, and rail equipment using Carrier’s refrigerated systems.

Satamatics’ SAT-201 is the first satellite modem to run Carrier’s new refrigerated system third-party communications protocol in its firmware.

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