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SB-400 quickly pulls down the temperature so deep-frozen cargo remains that way

Thermo King Corp designed the newest refrigeration unit in its SB truckload series with deep-frozen cargo in mind. The SB-400 features high cooling capacity at low temperatures and fast temperature pulldown while providing superior fuel efficiency.

Standard features include the MP-VI Smart Reefer controller with OptiSet temperature management system, maintenance-reducing EMI-3000 system, electronic throttling valve, on-board data acquisition system with Wintrac software, Whisper-quiet package, the S-391 screw compressor, and a 12,000-hour coolant. Options include remote automatic data retrieval of the R:Com system, the in-cab controller for Smart Reefer, and the PrimAir bulkhead and FlexAir duct system.

At 100°F ambient, the SB-400 delivers 60,000 Btu/hour at 35°F, 40,000 at 0°F, and 30,000 at -20°F.

Equipped with the S-391 screw compressor, the SB-400 uses twin rotor screws to compress refrigerant to achieve its capacity and an extra suction port capacity booster to generate higher capacity for deep frozen loads. The position of its two capacity control ports is controlled automatically in response to the required level of capacity: closed for maximum pulldown, half open for power-saving capacity control around set point, and fully open for critical temperature control at set point.

The MP-VI Smart Reefer microprocessor controller is designed for pre-trip to ongoing diagnostics. Up/down arrows and keys give ready access to commonly used operations.

With OptiSet, up to 10 predetermined conditions for regularly carried cargo can be pre-programmed.

Thermo King's data acquisition system maintains a log of cargo temperatures and unit operating conditions. The optional R:Com system allows data to be transmitted automatically via radio frequency from the unit to a base station. Wintrac software operates with the data loggers for set-up and viewing of temperature parameters, setting trip headers, downloads at the end of the trip, and the option to view data in graph or table form.

The EMI-3000 system reduces scheduled maintenance cost up to 45%. It extends the SB-400's maintenance intervals for oil, oil filer, air cleaner, and fuel/water separator from 1,500 to 3,000 hours.

The PrimAir bulkhead and FlexAir duct system, constructed of polyethylene material, distributes conditioned air to all corners of the cargo. R:Com allows remote retrieval of data stored in the datalogger as the reefer unit passes by a base station. Reefers can be continuously monitored and even report controller alarms automatically.

An in-cab controller for Smart Reefer option lets the user set and monitor temperatures, perform a pre-trip, or change a set point for a new load from inside the cab.

For more details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

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