Scholarship contributions exceed $1 million

Winding up 2004 with contributions of $67,875, the Frozen Food Industry Memorial Scholarship Foundation has topped $1 million in tuition financing. More than 700 students seeking careers in the food industry at 24 participating colleges and universities have benefited from industry contributions.

The scholarship program is sponsored by the Distinguished Order of Zerocrats and is supported by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association, the American Frozen Food Institute, and related industry associations.

The program's growth can be effectively measured by looking back to its first 25 years ending in 1990 when solicitations, confined to Zerocrat membership produced a total of $73,375 in scholarship funding. It was in the following year when solicitations were expanded to the frozen food industry as a whole, that contributions took off. For the 13 years ending in 2003, contributions soared to $937,225. Only $62,775 was required in 2004 to hit the $1 million mark.

Scholarship contributions for 2004 were solicited under the direction of Bob Rich Jr, current chairman of the Zerocrat Scholarship Committee.

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