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Schwan's changes its name

As of Jan 1, 2003, Schwan's Sales Enterprises has become The Schwan Food Co. This new identity will emphasize a focus on growth and innovation built on the firm's 50 years of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

“Our new name will better reflect the breadth and depth of the company's presence in the world's food industry,” said Alfred Schwan, chairman.

Also January 1, the company's structure was reorganized to separate the corporation's major business units — Schwan's Home Service, Schwan's Global Consumer Brands, Schwan's Food Service Group, Schwan's Food Manufacturing, and the Schwan's Technology Group — into stand-alone corporations.

“Schwan's leadership has publicly committed to doubling the company's sales within the next five years,” said M Lenny Pippin, president and chief executive officer.

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