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Scissor lift can move around in any direction

The new design of Air Technical Industries' hydraulic scissor lift table with omni-directional mobility allows the unit to travel a line in any direction 360° around, and it can spin 360° circles in either direction about its vertical axis.

Capacities are provided from 500 to 10,000 pounds with deck sizes as small as 24" × 36" up to 72" × 120" with vertical lifts up to 160". Rubber bumpers for the table corners are optional.

Lifting is hydraulically operated and battery- or AC-powered. Pendant remote or radio remote controls are supplied, and the lift can be equipped with GPS for remote distance positioning.

An omni-directional undercarriage provides maneuverability in a tight spot for precise positioning in hard-to-reach places. Speed ranges from 0 to 5 mph and is controlled via joystick.

Units equipped with a camera can be controlled by the operator from a secure place to transport dangerous, toxic, explosive, or flammable materials or armaments. For more details, contact Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

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