Sealed plug, receptacle keep out corrosion

Sloan Transportation Products has introduced its new MAXXDuty coiled electrical seven-way sealed plug and receptacle. This plug assembly includes a number of weather-resistant features including a plug-face gasket that ensures a positive seal to the socket.

The product also features overmolded terminals that help seal against corrosion migration and an integrated drip edge that eliminates back-flowing contaminants from tracking down the cable into the plug/socket connection. Ergonomic gripping points developed by Sloan assist in plugging and unplugging. To complement this product, Sloan is introducing a sealed receptacle that mates to the sealed plug and has the same overmolded technology.

Like all of Sloan's coiled electrical plugs, the MAXXDuty coiled electrical seven-way sealed plug and receptacle meets SAE J560 requirements.
Sloan Transportation Products | 800-336-7778

TAGS: Components
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