Secure, wireless access to truck fleet data

International Truck and Engine Corp says it has become the first OEM to offer a complete telematics system that creates visibility into the operation of every truck in a fleet.The new International telematics system delivers all vital operating information to users' fingertips via wireless connectivity. This system will be available in July 2004.

Introduced at the American Trucking Associations' Technology and Maintenance Council annual conference, International telematics combines remote vehicle monitoring, performance diagnostics, and security into a single productivity tool designed and validated to OEM specifications.

International telematics is designed to fully integrate with customers using the Diamond Logic electrical system, yet also is adaptable to all makes and models in all vehicle classes.

Like an electronic umbilical cord, International telematics moves wireless data from each vehicle into the office or workstation of fleet and maintenance managers. An in-vehicle device transmits telemetry and location information via cellular wireless technology.International telematics software then organizes and packages the information, displaying it through a secure website that provides real-time data reporting and administration on each vehicle in customers' fleets.

IBM was a key technology provider and consultant for International telematics, providing back-end hardware and software and developing the website for the product.

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