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Semi-synthetic grease won't spoil food

Dylon Lubricant Technologies Co has developed Grade GR-H1, a semi-synthetic foodgrade grease rated USDA H1 and certified kosher allowing food contact without harming humans.

Grade GR-H1 resists washout and poundout, while providing high-speed bearing lubrication up to 3,000 rpm. It provides excellent chemical and rust protection with extended service cycles. GR-H1 is recommended for bearings and bushing lubrication. It meets or exceeds equipment manufacturers lubrication requirements, and exceeds SAE, AGMA, and all other industry lubrication standards.

Dylon packages GR-H1 in tubes, one-gallon pails, and five-gallon pails. Thick and adhesive, GR-H1 is easy to pump from a pail, and easy to use in cartridge form. For more information, contact Dylon, 7700 Clinton Rd, Cleveland OH 44144.

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