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Sensaphone website aids facility managers

Sensaphone's new website offers detailed information on remote monitoring systems that can safeguard food, medicine, blood supplies, and other resources from rapid changes in environmental conditions.

The site ( now offers a customizable product comparison chart that helps site visitors evaluate the capabilities of Sensaphone's different monitoring options, including monitoring ultra-low temperatures down to -85° C. Visitors can also sign up for free, informational, product-specific webinars conducted by a product specialist.

Sensaphone's remote monitoring systems help cold storage facility managers monitor and respond to environmental conditions that threaten inventory. If harmful conditions exist, including power failure, extreme temperatures, physical security problems, and water on the floor, Sensaphone systems use e-mail or telephone to alert appropriate individuals so they can respond quickly. All Sensaphone systems operate without the need for a monthly service fee.

Visit for more information.

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