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Sensitech sharpens cold-chain visibility

Sensitech Inc is offering a new RF-enabled application targeted to foodservice and food retailers. ColdStream CL (Closed Loop) provides complete visibility into a closed-loop delivery process to ensure food safety, improve shelf life, and increase quality of perishables.

ColdStream CL measures and documents standard operating compliance, reduces quality-related claims, and ensures lower levels of spoilage during transportation from distribution centers to restaurants and/or retail stores.

This application is designed to monitor temperatures during staging, transit, receiving, and storage. It is supported by wireless TempTale RF-enabled monitors mounted inside refrigerated delivery vehicles associated with a pre-determined route. Monitors record temperatures throughout the route — including every intermediate stop — and download the data automatically once the vehicle returns to the originating depot. Customers receive daily compliance and exception reports that include time, temperature, and location data indicating where and when anomalies occur. When action needs to be taken, ColdStream CL alerts the recipient with appropriate time-out-of-range information.

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