Seven-pole connector averts misconnections

Cole Hersee Co announces its ISO-certified seven-pole connector, designed to protect against misconnecting the circuit connections required between a truck and its trailer.

Suitable for both OEM and aftermarket applications, it is designed with a heavy-duty, die-cast metal construction. The seven-pole connector (part #12077-01) complies with ISO 3731-1976 (E) standards. These standards are designed to prevent misconnection between trailer circuits associated with systems such as trailer antilock braking systems; trailer temperature, load, and monitoring; on-board weighing equipment; rear vision and blind spot correction; and satellite trailer tracking.

The seven-pole connector acts as a supplementary link to work in conjunction with the standard connector between a truck and trailer to handle these extra circuits. This connector consists of a seven-pole plug and socket with the ground terminal reversed, creating a matching pair that prevents drivers from inadvertently misconnecting the ISO plug with a standard trailer socket. The connector fits a 2"-diameter hole, a polarized ground terminal, and insulated circuit contacts.

For more details, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

TAGS: Components
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