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Shell to maintain four brands of motor oil

Shell Lubricants will continue marketing and selling its four top-selling motor oil labels for diesel engines: Shell Rotella T, Shell Rimula Premium, Pennzoil Long-Life heavy-duty engine oil, and Quaker State Universal HDX. The firm acquired Pennzoil-Quaker State Co late in 2002.

Rotella T is a motor oil for use in diesel or gasoline engines. Designed for medium and large fleets, Rimula Premium oils are extra-high-performance heavy-duty gasoline and diesel motor oils for turbo- and non-turbocharged engines.

Pennzoil Long-Life is also an extra-high-performance engine oil for diesel and gasoline engines that require the use of a premium heavy-duty engine oil. Quaker State Universal HDX engine oils are for use in all diesel engines and four-cycle gasoline engines.

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