Shell Rotella Meets EGR Requirements

Testing at Shell Oil Co's Westhollow Technology Center indicates Shell Rotella T Multigrade 15W-40 with advanced soot control meets performance requirements of new, low-emission heavy-duty engines scheduled to hit the market in late 2002.

Company officials said research confirms Shell's lubricant meets or exceeds anticipated requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Proposed Category-9 (PC-9) for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)-equipped engines.

EGR engines are designed to reduce pollution and improve air quality. The API is expected to begin licensing so-called API PC-9 category oils for these engines in mid-2002. Most heavy-duty major engine builders will begin selling EGR engines in October 2002.

EGR engines require tougher engine oils that can minimize soot-related engine wear and thickening of engine oil, and neutralization of acids created in the engine by EGR technology. For more details, contact Equilon Enterprises LLC (a joint venture of Shell and Texaco), 1100 Louisiana, Houston TX 77002.

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